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Lyniyah Potts

Lyniyah Potts is a 2023 graduate of the illustrious Delaware State University. From a young age, Lyniyah's passion for dance has been unwavering, starting at just 3 years old and continuing through elementary and middle school. Her dedication to the art form was solidified during her high school years at Creative Arts High School in Camden, NJ, where she served as the captain of the Pantherette Dance Line for Camden High School's Mighty Marching Panthers.

After high school, Lyniyah attended Clark Atlanta University and joined the cheerleading team, but her passion led her to transfer to Delaware State University, where she became a proud member of the D'Elegance Dance Team under the Delaware State University Marching Band. As the Co-captain of the Classy but Sexy Ladies of D'Elegance, Lyniyah honed her leadership skills and deepened her commitment to the majorette style.

With an extensive background in dance and leadership, Lyniyah is excited to share her knowledge and passion. She focuses not only on the technical aspects of majorette dancing but also emphasizes teamwork, confidence, and the rich cultural history behind this vibrant dance form.

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